The Grallet-Dupic family, producers and distillers, invite you to France for a unique guided tour
and tasting of the Mirabelle plum, distinct of the Lorraine region. We are located between Nancy, Lunéville and Epinal.

Eaux de vie & spirits

Eaux de vie & Spiritueux

We are producers and distillers in Rozelieures. Our passion is to produce beautiful fruits and distill them into delicate and perfumed eaux de vie. We also produce grains, which is where our idea to produce our very own whiskey came from, the first whiskey made in Lorraine.

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Perfumes and cosmetics

Parfums Cosmétiques

While we were strolling across the orchards during the blossom of spring, we stumbled upon the idea to capture the treasures of the Mirabelle tree into perfumes and cosmetics. We produce Mirabelle tree flower scented perfume for men and women, an oil made from the Mirabelle plum, a scrub from Mirabelle tree bark...

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Mirabelle sweets

Mirabelles Gourmandises

Whether it's natural or in a jam, a honey or a syrup, the Mirabelle seizes originality and is also available in candied form including sweets, caramels, almond paste, babas and Mirabelle tea.

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The Grallet Dupic family, producer and distiller, invites you to discover their specialties made with Mirabelle plums in the Maison de la Mirabelle Shop : secure payment Crédit Agricole.
Our traditional productions: Eau de Vie, Liqueur... or original ones : Mirabelle Perfume, Whisky of Lorraine, will meet the gourmets’ highest expectations.
They make great gifts as well!
All of our Eaux de Vie is produced on our property, from fruit harvested from our property in Rozelieures, Lorraine, located between Nancy and Epinal.
Want to learn more about our Whisky from Lorrain, visit G.Rozelieures Whiskies official website

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