2 Médailles d'Or !
La Mirabelle de Lorraine et Whisky G. Rozelieures primés au Concours Agricole de Paris 2015.

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New Scenography !
A unique travel through time and space : the heart of the Maison de la Mirabelle gets lightened for visitors !


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Eaux de vie & spirits

Eaux de vie & Spiritueux

Become a reseller of eaux de vie, spirits and Lorraine whisky. We are a producer and distiller, make your choice from our range.

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Perfumes cosmetics

Parfums Cosmétiques

Become a reseller of fragrances and cosmetics among our range l'Or du Verger, line of perfumes and cosmetics signed Anne-Marie Grallet.

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You may have noticed our products and you have a question, or you want to offer them for sale by becoming a reseller of the Maison de la Mirabelle.
We will be happy to answer you and give you our advice.

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Space resellers Eaux de Vie of mirabelle PEAR or plum, our Whiskies of Lorraine G. Rozelieures, our spirits and Aperitifs such as Gin Vodka, Pastis or bitter beer, or even our fruit Liqueurs such as bergamot raspberry mirabelle plum or pear...
Space resellers perfumes cosmetics our range consists of our perfume l'Or du Verger 1 and 2, the eau de toilette for men l'Or du Verger. L'Or du Verger perfume comes in a refined range: hydrating natural oil, scrub cream made with mirabelle tree wood, non-fat SOAP and a candle complement this range.