2 Médailles d'Or !
La Mirabelle de Lorraine et Whisky G. Rozelieures primés au Concours Agricole de Paris 2015.

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New Scenography !
A unique travel through time and space : the heart of the Maison de la Mirabelle gets lightened for visitors !


Producers harvesters and innovative distillers

The Passion for the Mirabelle plum in Lorraine for 5 generations

In 1895 Michel GRALLET, Amable and Ophèle GRALLET's son, planted his first Mirabelle tree in Rozelieures, located between Nancy, Lunéville, Baccarat and Epinal.

His son Jean developped the orchard and installed a Distillation workshop.

In 1973, after studying as an agronomist, Hubert GRALLET and his wife Anne-Marie took over the family business and created the sales market of Liqueurs and Eaux de Vie directly from the property.

In 2002, Hubert and Anne-Marie, joined by their daughter Sabine and her husband Christophe DUPIC, had the innovative idea of creating a home for the Mirabelle plum in order to promote the fruit of their terroir and to share their passion with the public.

Then innovations accelerated with:
- the line of perfumes and cosmetics L'Or du Verger so dear to Anne-Marie Grallet, inspired by the  Mirabelle tree flower and the Mirabelle plum kernel.
- the inspiration to travel with the production of Gin, Vodka, bitter beer made with Mirabelle plums, and the Lorraine Pastis.
- the passion shared by Christophe and Hubert for Whisky which led to the local production of a Collection of peated and aromatic Whiskies "Made in Lorraine": G.Rozelieures, a Whisky with an assertive French Touch.
See the website dedicated to Whisky Rozelieures.
- A new scenography, for an even more appealing tour of the Maison de la Mirabelle.

Today, the tree farm extends over 30 hectares of fruit trees, including 25 hectares of Mirabelle trees, as well as Williams pear trees and plum trees. The grain farm also produces barley, cereal which gave Christophe and Hubert the idea to produce their own Whisky. 

These orchards in flowers that inspired l'or du verger

The line of perfumes with Mirabelle tree flowers designed by Anne-Marie Grallet

Precious Mirabelle plums and barley from which whisky is made

Our producer-harvester job is not a vain Word...

And the Passion for Distillation

Combined with the know-how of aging to sublimate the aromas of Mirabelle plum Eaux de Vie, and now Whisky!