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l'Or du Verger

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L'Or du Verger 1 Mirabelle tree flower Eau de parfum - for women 50ml

L'Or du Verger is a floral and fruity eau de parfum. It is the first perfume with mirabelle tree flower scent. Unique in the world, it is also the perfume that launched the collection by Anne-Marie Grallet. The bergamot top notes quickly reveal the freshness of the mirabelle tree flower of jasmine and rose.

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A Unique perfume in the world: L'Or DU VERGER

Pyramide Olfactive



voir l'historique de la gamme l'Or du Verger

L'Or du Verger is a feminine, floral and fruity eau de parfum, reminding us of springtime in our Lorraine orchards.

On the basis of Mirabelle flowers absolutes, the final formulation integrates other fragrances (Jasmine, rose, bergamot, blackcurrant...) in order to bring the balance in research scent.

-The bergamot top notes quickly give way to the freshness of the flowers of Rozelieures Mirabelle.

-The middle notes are therefore very floral, punctuated with jasmine and rose, all slightly amber.



parfum l'Or du Verger parfum mirabelleThe slightly green colour of the perfume is natural. It is the chlorophyll of the calyx of the flower of the mirabelle tree.
The three colors of the box 'OR du Verger" are white, crimson and gold.

White recalls the whiteness of flowers from orchards in the spring.

Crimson evokes the Royal color of the Court at the Château de Lunéville, and therefore all the prestige of quality products.

Gold confirms its rarity.

It is a trendy scent, combining independence and personality!

 Prafums Anne Marie Grallet is a mark of the Maison de la Mirabelle. This brand embodies the willingness of our family business to offer now the ideal products in perfumery.