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La Mirabelle de Lorraine et Whisky G. Rozelieures primés au Concours Agricole de Paris 2015.

l'Or du Verger

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DUO Offer Parfum l'Or du Verger + Whisky Rozelieures Origine Collection

DUO Gift Offerfor you ! A trendy couple with Mirabelle tree flower Eau de Parfum : L'Or du Verger 2 - 100ml and the Single Malt Whisky Rozelieures : Origine Collection - 70cl.

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The beautiful gift idea "DUO Madame Monsieur" at a price that makes you want ...

L'Or du Verger 2 Mirabelle tree flower Eau de Parfum - for women 100ml
A fragrance for a modern, full of life, sensual and happy woman. A surge in Mandarin and blackcurrant and a partition of flowers of Mirabelle plums picked in Rozelieures fit in perfectly with a few notes of patchouli and musk.

Single Malt Whisky G.Rozelieures Origine Collection 70cl
This Single Malt G.ROZELIEURES is distilled in two passages in our stills in ROZELIEURES, then aged in oak casks having welcomed in particular wines of the region of Sherry. These barrels confer on this whisky of the spicy and powerful lively notes, the signature of a big whisky with one finale very long, the first French Whisky 100% Lorrain.

It is within the historic distillery of the GRALLET family (distillery created in 1860) that germinated the idea to produce some whisky in Lorraine.

A shared passion for Whisky

Here is the story of an idea imagined by Hubert Grallet, distiller and Christophe Dupic, cereal grower on their farm, in Rozelieures in Meurthe-et-Moselle. Both are knowledgeable amateurs of quality and aromatic whisky. The art of distillation was no secret for Hubert (who is famous for the Maison de la Mirabelle) when he suggested to Christophe, as a joke, the idea to create a whisky of Lorraine while they were harvesting barley. Several years of research and development, investments, fermentation, distillation and ageing were necessary to reach the level of quality their whisky has now.

Pure water and volcano: a convenient environment

The groundwaters from which we draw are directly fed by the water of mountain stemming from sources from Vosges.

Near our domain is one of the two volcanoes of the region of Lorraine: the one from Essey-la-Côte, peaking at 415 m (100 m-level difference from the village of Essey-la-Côte). The volcano is extinct today but we still can find stones of basalt which sprang from the volcano about 27 million years ago.

Just like these two natural assets (the purity of water and the wealth of the earth), our whisky of Lorraine allies sweetness and character, for an alcohol of character but soft and round like the Vosges mountains.

volcan d'Essey la Côte
source : www.clicheo.fr