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La Mirabelle de Lorraine et Whisky G. Rozelieures primés au Concours Agricole de Paris 2015.

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Mirabelle plum tea

When the colour of the sky in September already evokes the end of summer, the Mirabelle plum with its golden yellow skin gives you the impression that the Sun is still there. This delicate fruit can be used in many ways. Therefore we have developed a variety of tea that puts the mirabelle plum in the spotlight! Iron box containing mirabelle-flavored tea. Weight net 125g

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This blend of black teas from Ceylon and China is a fruity-floral arrangement Mirabelle elevation of orange flowers with red rose petals. The fruity and sweet Mirabelle plum taste can be enjoyed throughout the year with a delicious and comforting cup of tea. Pour simmering water over tea leaves and let steep for 3 to 4 minutes; filter and enjoy.