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La Mirabelle de Lorraine et Whisky G. Rozelieures primés au Concours Agricole de Paris 2015.

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Old Mirabelle de Lorraine 35cl 45%

The Vieille (old) Mirabelle, very round in the mouth, is a mirabelle plum Eau de Vie which is ideal as an after-dinner liqueur. Appellation of origin "Mirabelle de Lorraine", our eau de vie is distilled in two passages and made with mirabelle plums from our orchards in Rozelieures. It is delivered in an individual gift box with a rustic wrapping sealed with borwn wax.

For a 35cl bottle.

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30,00 €

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All our Eaux de Vie are derived from our orchards of Rozelieures between Nancy and Epinal-Lunéville. They are distilled in two passages, they benefit from the Mirabelle de Lorraine appellation, issued by the Institut National des Appellations d'origine (INAO).