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The genesis of a perfume designed by Anne-Marie Grallet

vergers maison de la mirabelle

L'Or du verger: the first perfume with mirabelle tree flower scent

Anne-Marie Grallet is from Lorraine. She has always lived in this hilly, windswept region criss-crossed by waters, magnificent in April and May with its Mirabelle trees in blossom.

While she was walking in her mirabelle plum trees in Rozelieures in the springtime, Anne-Marie Grallet was surprised by the enchanting Mirabelle flowers fragrance.

A dream come true

"It smells so good in the orchards. The idea came up to capture these enjoyable scents, especially since there are stills of all sizes at the Maison de la Mirabelle.

The Grallet family has been famous for distillation for four generations. In addition, extraction of perfumes is very ancient: 4000 years ago, perfumes were already exuded in the East and the first stills for this use were invented in the Antiquity.

It took ten years to Anne-Marie Grallet to develop this eau de parfum for weomen, L'Or du Verger n°1. Every year flowering, and therefore the harvesting of flowers, does not last more than ten days.


l'Or du verger perfume comes in a refined range

Very successful, she created -- still with the same flower base -- L'Or du Verger for men then L'Or du Verger n°2 for women.

In the meantime was created a soft and delicate oil, made from the kernel of the Mirabelle plum. Then a scrub was created, made with micronized mirabelle tree wood and salt extracted from the Lorraine underground. A fat-free SOAP and a candle complement this refined range.


See L'Or du Verger

gamme l'or du verger