Maison de la Mirabelle visite et dégustation vente à Rozelieures en Lorraine entre Nancy, Lunéville, Epinal
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Bienvenue à la Ferme / Tourisme & Handicap

Maison de la Mirabelle
16 rue du Capitaine Durand
54290 Rozelieures
Tel : 03 83 72 32 26
Fax : 03 83 72 34 34 

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autour de Rozelieures
et partout en Lorraine
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 The FIRST whisky made in Lorraine

 The Grallet-Dupic distillery invites you to discover the first whisky made in Lorraine !
A new experience
and an original gift to offer...

Below is a history of the first whisky made in Lorraine.
You can also :
pre-book and order online.

Etiquette G.Rozelieures Whisky de Lorraine 

G.ROZELIEURES Whisky de Lorraine par la Distillerie Grallet-Dupic

A shared passion for whisky

From the shared passion of two men for distillery and an original initiative came the first whisky made in Lorraine.

Discover the history of an idea that became reality, with Hubert Grallet, distiller and Christophe Dupic, grain farmer, in Rozelieures, Meurthe-et-Moselle.

The art of distillery was no secret for Hubert, famous for the Maison de la Mirabelle, when he jokingly suggested to his son-in-law that they create a Lorraine whisky.

They both worked on the idea for several years before they turned the joke into a tasty whisky ! 

 The origins of the name G.ROZELIEURES ?

ROZELIEURES, a 160-inhabitant village located in Lorraine between Nancy, Epinal and Lunéville, is the place where the familial distillery, created in 1890, is famous for its production of eau-de-vie made with mirabelles of Lorraine.

The name G.ROZELIEURES is completed with the label 'WHISKY DE LORRAINE' to specify the place where the whiskey was distilled and matured.

An original blend

G.Rozelieures is made from barley which is then turned into malt, then into fermentescible wort.
The obtained liquid is subjected to the process of fermentation and distillation, resulting in a light-coloured eau-de-vie.

The importance of barrels

It is important to choose the right barrels for the process of maturation, since they confer the whisky with its specificity.
That is why Christophe and Hubert got their barrels from South Spain winemakers.

Séance de dégustation de Glen rozelieures

A single malt whisky

100% malt (which means there is no mirabelle...), G.Rozelieures strong flavours of spices and light Xeres indicate a whiskey of quality made with noble products.

You can now book and order the first whisky made in Lorraine, 
sold in 70 cl bottles, 40%vol.  

Want to offer an original gift ?
Book or order online the FIRST Whisky made in Lorraine !

>> Book online

to collect your purchase at the  Maison de la Mirabelle à Rozelieures

>> Order online
for home delivery.

We hope to see you soon  !

Etiquette G.Rozelieures Whisky de Lorraine 

For your information :

In order to avoid any confusion with Scottish whiskys, our whisky of Lorraine will change its name GLENROZELIEURES to G.ROZELIEURES, from the First of January 2009.
- G stands for the inital of the Grallet family, who founded the distillery.
- ROZELIEURES is the name of the village where the distillery is located.
The packaging and the quality of the whisky will remain the same

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé
A consommer avec modération
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